September 16, 2011

We had decided earlier to make this day kind of a free day. We needed to see the Spanish Steps, I wanted to see the Bernini Elephant, and all of us wanted to do some shopping (shocking, I know). So, we got up, ate a little, had coffee at our place, and started walking.

Water fountains in Rome are way cooler than the ones in random building hallways in the U.S.

As we walked to the elephant, we passed many, many shops, including all of the shops were the priests and nuns go for their clothing. There were some super ornate items in those windows. When we got closer to our destination, we noticed more scaffolding…meaning that the elephant was trapped inside the scaffolding. I was sad I couldn’t see it without all that mess in the way, but people were inside cleaning and repairing the elephant, which in the long run, will be much better for the elephant than some chick from Illinois taking a picture of it.

Help! I'm inside this cage!

If I reached in, would I get in trouble?

If you squint, you can kinda see it...

Letting us know why it's in solitary...















Bernini’s Elephant is in the piazza by Santa Maria sopra Minerva. We went into the church and it was very interesting. There were many separate chapels within the building, lots of skulls, and in general, just a neat looking church.

See. Told ya it was Minerva.

Ceiling in Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

One of many skulls in the church.

That skull? I think it was this guy...

Light catching in spots inside the church.

Back on the streets, we passed more awesome buildings and fountains. Shocking, I know. We wandered in and out of stores, checked out (and went up and down) the Spanish Steps, ate lunch at a restaurant that had glass floors and steps (NOT a good thing when you’re walking and wearing a skirt), wandered in and out of high-end fashion houses, and ended up at SICIS, an amazing shop with mosaic tiling and furniture that I could barely believe existed.

Random unexpected fountain.

Another beautiful building.

Fendi! Hi! Love your shoes!

Sidewalk chalk artist.

Another hour, another fabulous piazza.

Same piazza, different view.

BUilding in the piazza.

Sarah and Bev in the map.

Initial reaction: really? more steps?

Getting ready for the climb.

Dude with classy shirt in front of Missoni.

Dior, across from the Spanish Steps.

Fountain at the bottom of the Steps.

Alright, let's do this.

On the Steps.

About halfway up the Steps.

View from the top of the Steps.

From another angle.

Another angle.

Yet another angle.

Cynthia is so over Gucci...

Maybe Prada will be better...

Gucci, Bulgari jewelry, and more.

Formula 1 car inside the Ferrari store.

Here it is inside the glass...

SICIS couch and mosaic.

SICIS moon chair and mosaic.

SICIS different moon chair.

Best. Bathtub. Ever. At SICIS.

In Gucci, I accidentally knocked a metal purse holder onto the marble floor. I gotta say, those guards move fast (as did the blush of my embarrassment). I felt better when I saw that picture of Cynthia looking like she was too good to be in Gucci. I think everyone reading this probably understands what an astounding feat it is that I walked up and down ALL of the Spanish Steps and I did not fall down. Did. NOT. Fall. Down. ME! Inconceivable! I know, right?! And that shoe tub? I totally need one of those…perhaps as a gift for not plummeting to my death from those steps.

We wandered back over to Piazza Navona for our last visit. The first fountain was finally up and running. Unfortunately, so was a a random dude playing a didgeridoo. We saw a couple getting wedding photos taken, wandered around a bit more, and then went back to the apartment to get ready to leave for Florence the next morning.

Yay! It's working now!

He actually got an audience later.

All of these fountains were just so cool.

The happy couple. Congrats!

Her dress had feathers on it. FEATHERS!

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