September 18, 2011

The second day in Florence was planned within an inch of its life! The museums did not allow photos, so I don’t have loads of them. The itinerary was as follows:

  • The Gallerie dell’Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David
  • Piazza della Signoria (to see the fake David that can be photographed)
  • Coffee!
  • Market (I believe it was Santo Spirito)
  • Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens
  • Some light shopping for leather goods
  • A quick lunch at ‘ino
  • TheUffizi Gallery
  • A long walk back to the hotel (Sarah and I wanted a taxi. We were denied.).

We were nearly the first people into the Accademia. We had David all to ourselves. It was so quiet and peaceful. And he was so well made. We just looked in awe. We walked back to a part of town we’d seen the day before, but without the vendors, we could see the “x” on the ground where the bankrupt people had died. Creepy. (Or, is it more creepy that now, there are merchants on top of it?) Then we went to Piazza della Signoria to look at the fake David because we could take pictures of him…and all of the other cool statues around him.

"X" marks the spot.

Statues around the piazza.

Perseus said, Off with her head!

Hey Fake David! Lookin' good!

S'up? Name's Dave. Just hangin'. You?

Seriously, Dave, so over your schtick.

Neptune thinks David isn't that cool.

More statues...really awesome looking.

Lockin' up the love. Big lock = big problems.

The royal walkway over the bridge. Peasants. Bah!

View from the bridge. So pretty!

We headed over to the market (San Spirito?) and it was really amazing…all the food and homemade items. Pitti Palace required more stair climbing than necessary. The Boboli Gardens also showed a plethora of stairs, but I declined to climb them and sat and relaxed with Cynthia instead. We met a Dane traveling with his college friends…he said they go somewhere every year, which we thought was a nice idea. We shopped a little when we left and each of us bought a pair of leather gloves. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to wear them. Onward to lunch. My sandwich at lunch was freaking amazing. I don’t know what was in the mustard, but I must find it or replicate it immediately. So good. The Uffizi Gallery was another great museum. Sarah and I pretty much ran through the beginning rooms to get to the Botticelli room. She wanted to see Primavera and I wanted to see The Birth of Venus. We sat down after looking at them in depth, pushing through the tour crowds. There were some repeats of statues we saw at the Vatican. I think I was most impressed with how BIG all of the paintings are. I mean, I knew they were big, but it was amazing to see them up close like this. Perspective made new. Then we headed to the hotel in the rain and stayed in for the night.

Pitti Palace from the outside.

Interesting statue outside Pitti Palace.

Looking out at Boboli Gardens.

Small hedge maze, Pitti Palace.

The view of Florence from Pitti.

Better view of that hedge maze.

Heading up to Boboli Garden.

Boboli Garden ahead.

Part of Boboli Garden.

Steps. So tired of steps. Little did I know.

Boboli Garden is pretty. I'll give it that.

Another section of Boboli, behind where we sat.

Wee turtles hold up that obelisk.

Back toward the Palace to get out.

Bacchus, hitching a ride on a turtle.

Inside the courtyard, statues fight in the fountain.

Ceiling of the fountain area.

Angel doin' laps.

Statue in the courtyard.

Door to Boboli Garden.

This guy could get to the hotel faster on the turtle than Sarah and I walking in the rain from the Uffizi.

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