September 19, 2011

We got up and had a quick breakfast and then got a taxi to the train station. From Florence, we took the train to Naples. In Naples, we got on a bus (really, it was more like riding the El in Chicago, but without the elevation) and rode to Sorrento. We ate lunch at a cafe in Sorrento and then got on the bus to go to Positano. In movies, you always see complete traffic nightmares of a tiny road and way too big cars on the road of the Amalfi Coast. This is essentially what it looks like, looking out of the bus window on the right side.

Narrow road, getting out of Sorrento.


Trees blocking mountain.

We saw grapes and lemons a lot.

Driving through the mountains.


Scenic, eh?

What you can't see is the drop.

Tight curve; large bus.

More water.

Scale of drop still not captured.

Too tall to be a hedge.

You can kinda tell it's a drop.

Can't see the bottom from here.

Plants hiding the drop again.

Pretty, but perspective is off.

Long ride.

Fairly obvious street sign.

It's just epic.

And mountainy.

I can see Positano!

And now I can't.






















































































We had to wait a bit for our contact to come and let us into the apartment. We took in the scenery and relaxed. Once Carla arrived, we followed her downstairs (STAIRS?! 70 of them…up and down…more than once a day) and saw Casa Patty. It was a lovely place to stay and had a great terrace and view of the city and of the ocean.

City view.

Beverly checking out the view.

More of the view.

Seriously. THE VIEW!

Inside our apartment, these sheep plates were on the mantel. Cute!

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