September 20, 2011

Today, I decided to take it easy. We did get up and search for our new coffee place since we’d changed cities, but we split up afterward. Sarah, Beverly, and Cynthia went on a walking/food sampling tour of Positano. I went to the grocery store and got some food to use for lunch and dinner. I went back to the apartment, grabbed some wine, and went up to the terrace and sat outside, read, looked at the beach, and generally just relaxed. It was just what I needed!

All the views from the terrace were amazing.

Walkway between our front door and the gate.

Positano, looking down.

Tiling on small rooftop below the terrace.

That cat napped there everyday.

From the balcony (lower level from the terrace).

Just looking around, checking out the area.

Looking upward.

How cute would this be in snow?

Ah, pretty, pretty water.

Just a little seaside town...


A mountain of houses.

A skyline I don't see around here.

I'm up on that terrace again.

This needs to be my view all the time.

Water and sky...lots of blue.

More blue on blue.

Storm brewing over the mountain.

More storm clouds.

Stormy weather looks really cool.

Clouds coming in fast.

I like how it's so bright and getting dark.

Rain started dropping down bit by bit...

It never really opened up...

See? Cleared right up.

It's just such a cute place.

Looking down from the terrace.

More beach view.

Another angle of the beach.

There really aren't words.

It was all so beautiful.

Back from the tasting tour, relaxing.

Cynthia relaxing after the tour.

Still pretty.

It's nigh impossible to take a bad picture here.

Seventy steps up and down. Every day. Lots.

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