September 21, 2011

Today we went for coffee again and decided to split again. Sarah and Beverly went out and roamed the city more. Cynthia and I went out and she gave me the short version of their tour the day before. We planned to meet up for lunch.

Beautiful scenery.

The view makes mornings even better.

An owl on the shop front.

Across from the domed chapel.

Domed chapel.

Mosaic fish on a lounge chair by chapel.

Walking around, taking pictures.

Seriously. No bad photos.


Pretty up there too.

How many times can I say pretty?

On the beach!

Kind of like walking the plank, but safer.

Sand was chunky and gravely.

Waves hitting the beach.

Curling wave.

Further out.

View from the beach toward town.

Another look from the beach.

Cynthia looking for her camera.


I love that moment when the wave flattens.


































































After a quick stop at the apartment, we all left together to go to the beach and catch one of the little boats out to a restaurant at another beach to have lunch. The boat we took was captained by a guy who steered with his feet. I am not kidding. Plates included grilled mozzarella, fish carpaccio, mussels, salmon, fried anchovies, fried calamari, and more. It was a leisurely seafood lunch, right by the water. It was lovely.

That guy totally posed for us.

Positano from the boat.

We're in the water!

Traveling by boat is nice.

Seriously! Steered with his feet!

More sights from the boat.

Just as amazing from the boat as land.

Another from the boat.

Looking everywhere but the foot-steered wheel...

Tiny spot that looked like a wee cove to the left.

Water to sky.

I didn't know I liked boat rides.

Tired puppy!

Sitting down for lunch.

The cover of the menu.

Heading back to our part of the mountain.

Again, pretty from any angle, isn't it?





















































After lunch, we went back to the apartment. We ended up playing Farkle on the balcony. I think Cynthia won every time we played!

I'd ride the foot-steerer's boat again. It was so fun!

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