September 22, 2011

The last full day in Positano. It was also the day we decided would be the all pastry day. We went to the coffee bar and had coffee and pastries. Then, back to the apartment. Cynthia, Sarah, and Beverly all decided to go to Amalfi. I remembered how two days ago, I’d sat on the terrace alone and never felt so relaxed. I decided I couldn’t get enough of that, so I stayed at the apartment again. I went up to the grocery store and decided to cheat…I had a salad instead of more pastries.

Cynthia took this one. I was here every day. Great generational family-run store.

Walking through town.

Looking down at the water.

Seeing the town through the trees.



















I went down to the beach for a while, without my camera. I checked out the internet cafe/bar and sent a note to confirm our hotel in Rome and then just wandered for a while. I headed back and enjoyed the terrace and another book for a while. I loved the feeling of, as the Italians say, il dolce far niente. Don’t get me wrong, I like my life a lot, but this was really, really nice.

It wasn't my thing, but I really miss being here. (picture from Cynthia)

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