September 24, 2011

Beverly left at 4am to catch her flight. The rest of us slept a little longer then grabbed breakfast downstairs. Sarah and I wandered around the city some more while Cynthia finished up packing and went out on her own for a little while.

I saw this on the base of a statue.

Cobblestones: nemesis of the heel

Church along our walk.

Wow! Big building!

More building, now with added fountain!

Closer to the fountain.

Random fountain in building wall.

Part of the building/fountain combo.

The cover is what it will look like.

Looking up the street.

Still finding random ruins.

Planetarium at the University.

Went back to the church and went inside.

More from inside the church.

Very colorful, like all the churches we saw.

Lots of art inside.

It didn’t look so big from outside.

Part of the floor.

The news article made me think this was John’s head.

And another spikey on the floor.

Tiling on the wall as we left the church.
































































In the taxi ride to the airport, we drove past the Circus Maximus, which was something else we’d meant to go see. We also missed the Mouth of Truth, and while I saw bones and skulls in churches, I didn’t make it to the crypt where the art is made from the monks’ bones. Clearly, we will need to go back to Rome. And I for one, can’t wait. I only hope I’m lucky enough to have such great travel companions as I did this time. Also, maybe by then,  those Fendi shoes Sarah and I loved will be on sale 😉

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